Amy Karoly

Lancaster, Ohio

As a child I have vivid reminders of my teachers telling me to stop fidgeting...was always making something or tearing it apart...following after my artisan parents. Been blessed with the "mothers curse" ("you'll have a kid just like you!") Yep, that's me...I have three just like me! Instilling my love for Art's & Craft's into each of them. (You know it's bad when I take my 9yr old shopping and she tells me not to buy something because in her words "I can make that!") Adorer of my husband, who brings out my silly! Fine arts background, part time tinkerer/inventor...maker of my 1st barbie outfit at the ripe old age of 7. Lover of getting my hands dirty and closing my eyes at night knowing I did my best.

I'm a full time wife, mom and artist. Rescuer of earthworms so they don't get squished. Wide eyed lover of learning...needs to go to therapy for my addiction of books! And truly inspired by Love, believing that it is a rule changer and the religion I practice.