Amy Kayleigh Whipp

Alright? I am Amy; no haterz please, got enough already... I am a basic teenage girl who is obsessed with writing. People shouldnt be judged by what they look like or anything that is not their fault! TWITTER not Facebook, COFFEE not tea, NICE not nasty. I'm a true Christian and i absolutly loveeee my family. (S/0 to my neeewww baby cousin Alexis Michelle O'Driscoll <- I love you baby!:)

AVID FIGMENT.COM writer, also on HPFF. I love it!

I am a really avid writer and one day want to be a TEACHER:) To teach new generations:) <3

So twwweeet me: @HeyItsAmyWhipp / Facebook me: Amy Kayleigh Whipp/ me: AmyKayleighWhipp or Msn me: :) :)