Amy Kazor

Northville, MI

Pleasant, friendly, outspoken and very talkative, I am a dreamer. I'm fiercely independent, love my freedom & solitude, and I work best with those who just let me be who I am. I admire strength and deep commitment in others and I say what I think and act how I feel; you never have to guess. I also have a tendency to overshare. If you can't accept my bluntness then I'm probably not for you.

I'm optimistic, but not irrational. I judge per the facts, analyze probable outcomes and always believe that things will get better. I am enthusiastic about life and I trust easily. I'm very sentimental and emotional.

I am known by Him and always reaching toward grace.

I'm a gracious hostess; I love to create... to cook, sew, write, travel, travel, sail and learn. I have a true, unadulterated passion to live... OUT LOUD.

To know me is to know that I will brighten your life with my optimism, boost you with loyalty, and trust you, wholly.

I will encourage you to see your dreams and help you in making each of them come true!

  • Work
    • Amy Kazor VA
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    • AssistU CPVA