Amy Hall

Amy Hall

I work with first time managers who are just trying to figure it all out — and still have a life!

• Do you spend your weekdays dreaming of your weekends and your weekends anxious about your weekdays?

p.s. It's no way to live; those Sundays have a name: "The Sunday Scaries" — and there are solutions.

• Nervous you're neglecting your personal goals while putting all of your eggs into your career basket?

• Feel like you're unsure of what you're doing? and just waiting ford someone else to figure it out?

Here's the thing,most of us didn't major in people management and when you're handed your promotion to manager (congrats, by the way!) It usually isn't accompanied with a manual on how do the hard stuff - lead a team of people.

I work with first time managers to build confidence, define their personal leadership style, navigate team dynamics, and find leadership success while also setting healthy boundaries and establishing a work life balance.

My motto?

Work smarter. Play harder.

To schedule a complimentary consultation (and start loving your career and life) book something on my calendar, today: