Amy L. Alexander


I am a native San Franciscan who has worked at major media organizations in my hometown and in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Miami.

Currently, I live in Montgomery County, Maryland, and find professional engagement in nearby Washington, D.C., where digital Journalism, PR, and Marketing increasingly collide.

I've worked in the news business as an award-winning staff writer (10 years), as a writer and editor at leading Web publications, and as Founder of a Strategic Digital Communications and Media Relations Firm,

I've also authored four nonfiction books, and am a subject-matter expert in:

-- Higher education.

-- Healthcare (including ethnic minorities and mental healthcare).

-- Cultural politics.

I am very comfortable with multi-media platforms, including audio, video, and web producing. Social media tools -- Twitter, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, et al -- are important vehicles that I respect and deploy with care.

Foremost: I am a renowned wordsmith, editor, and Comms strategist, adept at devising effective messages that resonate (and stick) with targeted audiences.

Influential, persuasive writing characterizes my work. I excel at translating complex topics and issues into easily-digestible storylines and narratives.

For detailed examples of successful projects, campaigns and publications that I developed, feel free to contact me.

Oh -- and I am an excellent ping pong player.