Amy L. Alexander

Director in Silver Spring, Maryland

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I'm Founder of a Strategic Digital Communications and Media Relations Firm,

A native San Franciscan, I'm fortunate to have mastered storytelling, research, and editing at major media organizations in my hometown and in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Miami.

I currently live in Montgomery County, Maryland, and find professional engagement in nearby Washington, D.C., where digital Journalism, PR, and Marketing increasingly collide.

In 2017 I joined the corporate communications team at a regional energy utility in Washington, D.C., providing ideas, language, talking points, and message-frames for communications on green initiatives, and inclusive hiring and promotion efforts following the company's acquisition by a larger Fortune 500 energy corporation.

Earlier, I voiced political appointees at the United States Department of Commerce, writing speeches, talking points, and directing media placement efforts. I've also written and edited at digital publications in national and regional markets. I've authored four non-fiction books, and am a subject-matter expert in:

-- Inclusive innovation

-- Healthcare (including ethnic minorities and mental healthcare)

-- Cultural politics.

I'm comfortable with multi-media platforms, including audio, video, and web producing. Social media tools -- Twitter, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, et al -- are important vehicles that I respect and deploy with care.

Foremost: I am a renowned wordsmith, editor, and Comms strategist, adept at devising effective messages that resonate (and stick) with targeted audiences.

Influential, persuasive writing characterizes my work. I excel at translating complex topics and issues into easily-digestible story-lines and narratives.

For detailed examples of successful projects, campaigns and publications that I developed, feel free to contact me.

Oh -- and I am an excellent ping pong player.

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