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Amy Loewy

I spent my childhood in Michigan libraries (school and public). I loved reading from the moment I could. I read everything in sight and my dream was to work in a book store. Then life took over and I spent many years, over 20, working with computers.

In 1998 while living in Northern California, I resigned from a Electronic Data Systems (EDS), after working there 15 years. I had finally decided I was going to work in a book store, what I'd wanted to do since I was child.

I had been to New Orleans before for a visit and loved it here. So I sent my resume to every book store in New Orleans. All called and said I was over qualified. Many wanted to me to run their computers...but that's not what I wanted. Britton, my boss called and asked that I call him when I arrived in the city. I did and have worked at Garden District Book Shop since and have been here 14 years.