Amy Louise Ellis

Name?: Amy Louise Ellis

I'm mixed race but reaaallly pale..but hey ho.

So I come from Great Britain, wishing I lived in the USA. I'm proud to be British, I love my family and friends so much! They support me through thick and thin <3.

I want to be an actress and a Playwright, I love acting so much! Everyone has a dream but trust me, if mine came to reality I would be eternally grateful. I'm a Christian, but trust me I'm anything but perfect!!

Psalm 91:16 <3.

I love the Big Bang Theory, don't believe in it but I love the show! I also love Friends, Pretty Little liars, The Vampire Diarys, Suburgatory and New Girl.

I can sing (so I've been told...), play guitar, keyboard and a bit of the drums.

I love the colour purple.

My favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston and my favorite actor is Jim Parsons. I love specific types of Pop-Rock, Hip Hop and R&B.

Follow me on twitter if you haven't already: @4myLouise

And find me on youtube: AmyLouiseIsMe