Amy Lundberg

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Amy Lundberg, I live in the Bournemouth area, Mypassion for media started to develop when I was in secondary school, I startedto watch a lot films as a form of escaping, my love of cinema made me start towonder about how media effects our lives in many different ways i.e. throughadvertisement, social media, graphics, photography, films and gaming, media iscreated to be enjoyed, create a profit or to make people question differenttaboo subjects. And for some reason the prospect fascinated me, I wanted tolearn more about what goes in to the media industry i.e. making films ordesigning magazines, something which I have be able to experience on my BTEC inCreative Media Production course.One of my main hobbies is Photography, My love for photography startedbecause I liked the idea of capturing everything around me, and for each phototo have a different meaning to people when they look at it and start to askquestions about it, another part I like about photography is that each photo isa piece of art in some way, even if it looks bad to you it will mean somethingto someone. To me, photography is alsoanother form of escapism because you have the ability to view the world from adifferent perspective and then freeze that moment in time for ever

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  • Education
    • Bournemouth and Poole College