{A LITTLE ABOUT ME} I am a 37 year old ARTIST, TEACHER, MOMMY, WIFE, DAUGHTER, SISTER, & FRIEND {EDUCATION} 1997 UNC Greensboro Bachelors of Fine Art {EXPERIENCE} High School Art & Graphic Design instructor for 15years Freelance Art, Mural Painting, and Graphic Design since 2000 {EXPERTISE} ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE CS4-CS6 PHOTOSHOP- photo editing and restoration, batching, proofing, color correction & print profiles. ILLUSTRATOR- vectors using pen tool, live trace, and blob brush. InDESIGN- layouts, brochures, books, programs {BIOGRAPHY} I am currently an art & graphic design instructor in a North Carolina Public High School. After 16 years in education, and having the opportunity to impact thousands of students, I am ready to pursue my career goal to work as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER. I have 2 beautiful daughters that keep me on my toes… Sydnie (11) and Madeline (7) and a very patient and accepting husband, Kevin, of 12 years! Living with an ARTIST and my many ongoing projects cannot be the easiest thing in the world!!! I have been so BLESSED in my life. To be able to apply my artistic talent & a creative mind to a career that I am passionate about is amazing! I have enjoyed creating close bonds with hundreds of young aspiring artists as I have guided them through their creative journey and watched them enhance their skills and develop a personal style. However, as an artist, I have a strong desire to create my own work that can have an impact on others. I am hoping to soon make a career change that would give me the opportunity to do just that. working as a graphic designer would allow me to use my knowledge of the Adobe programs to create one of a kind, original, works of art to benefit an individual, company, idea, or concept that would have strong visual impact and stop someone in their tracks! I know that I will be led down the path that was meant for me. Artistic talent is an amazing gift that I do not take for granted.