Amy Materka

Strategist and Entrepreneur in Warsaw, Poland

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I help diverse teams solve complex and important problems.

I believe in mindfully designing digital tools that support connectedness and creativity and reduce the footprint of modern life on our planet.

I am an Australian currently living in Warsaw with my husband and two beautiful girls. Together my husband and I are developing a chat app for busy couples to reduce the cognitive overload of modern life.

My first career was athletic. Years of training and competition honed my ability to read a situation and act for the good of the team under pressure.

After that, I joined the team at the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney and later Chicago where I helped solve our clients toughest problems.

Later working in strategy/corporate development at the Qantas Group and NewsCorp I led diverse teams facing complex problems to concrete outcomes. The more stalled, ambiguous, emotional and technically complex the project, the more others groaned and I thrived!

  • Work
    • Project Hunee
  • Education
    • INSEAD
    • University of Sydney