Amy McNeal

Amy Gardner McNeal specializes in creating engaging content for news and lifestyle publications. Her articles on jobs, innovation, and cultural events have been published by The Washington Post, CBS and Urban Art and Antiques. Amy also regularly creates articles about sustainable urban living and cultural trends for The New Colonist.

Amy's diverse life experience includes working as a publicist for a political campaign, owning award winning bookstores and writing for a variety of business clients. In addition to her freelance journalism work, Amy is a publicist at Eveningstar Media. She looks forward to continuing her writing journey with the publication of her first novel in 2011.

Areas of Expertise: Business, Publicity, Trends, Social Media, Marketing, Pop Culture, Current Events, Arts and Entertainment, Green Living

Hobbies: History (American and European), Archaeology, Politics, Literature, Pop Culture, Mystery Novels

Looking for a great writer, careful researcher and all around swell human being who is serious about deadlines? You found her! Contact me today, and put my energy and talent to work for your publication.