Amy Mercer

Amy received her training as a Certified Dyslexia Specialist from Susan Barton and is an expert on the Barton System for Reading and Spelling, a research proven Dyslexia Intervention Program. With over six years of dedicated experience as a practicing interventionist, Amy offers a wealth of knowledge, which makes her an excellent diagnostician and resource for creative solutions.

Amy brings a fabulous sense of creativity to working with students. She is an expert at forming positive channels of communication between school administrations and families in the interest of creating the best learning outcomes for students. Amy excels at transforming subjects that have previously been avoidance areas for students, into exciting and fun areas of curiosity, thorough the use of customized multi-sensory activities based on students’ special interests and personalities.

Amy’s dedication to her students inspires her to a continual pursuit of, and extensive reading on, the most current brain research as it relates to learning and knowledge acquisition.

Prior to her work with learning differences, Amy pursued a career in the field of personal development as a life coach and presenter. She received her B.A. in psychology from Argosy University in 2006.