Amy Moulton

Canvases allow artists to express themselves. With a blank canvas, an artist makes and achieves anything. Metaphorically, a canvas is not always a blank white board. It could be a blank sheet of music, a sporting arena, a kitchen -- anything. Metaphorically, an artist is not a theoretical artist. She is a musician, athlete, chef -- anyone. My canvas is a body for I love the art of fashion. I consider myself an artist, still using patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes, only with textiles and fabric. One staple in my own artistic work that continues to go unnoticed daily is a single, forgettable woven bracelet gracing my thin right wrist. At first, what might appear as a simple string actually symbolizes my personality. When lying correctly with the knot down, the bracelet appears to be tightly woven and in order. When turned around, some frays seem to fall apart and the weave is coming apart at the seams. At first glance, I may too seem to have it all together. As with my bracelet, my looks are deceiving. A come-and-go work ethic, mood swings, and sleeping beyond five alarms are my frays. A movable slip knot binds the two ends of what would be a long piece of twine into my bracelet. One end is permanently secure, while the other slides through, making the desired size. My faith is the secure end of my foundation-it is always there. My friendships are the movable strand because although I will always have them, and they will always be close to my heart, our relationships may change. With maturity, I realize that faith and friends hold me together. At the beginning and the end of either strand, a knot secures the thread together. In my life, family represents those knots. My parents hold me to the standard of a person they know I can be. My sister Kim holds me to the standard of who I am becoming. Family in itself comes with the security of always having someone who loves me, no matter what. Whether the path I am on leads me to prosperity or deception, I know that they are always going to be there, helping me take another step. Ironically, each morning I choose the clothes, which will represent me that day. Just with my ever-changing mood and appearance, my bracelet has changed over time too. The color has gone from an extravagant minty green to a now almost matching skin tone with the here today, gone tomorrow summer vacation effects of chlorine and sun. My bracelet represents the soul behind the name, not just the outer appearance of the girl named Amy.