Amyn Farooqui


I started my own company at the age of 20 and am the Co-CEO/Co-Founder of Sharp Image Animations, starting from 3d animations for Tv Commercials then post-production we are now have evolved into render 3D character content beyond 60 seconds. When I started I use to do all the shots myself and eventually when we started hiring I started to look at the full commercials as CG Creative Director. Now as we have 80 people working in the company I just look into the problem solving areas where I can really make a difference. My passion is photography which I occasionally get to do specially when I'm traveling. As I always loved rendering and lighting which is a time staking work, photography has been a fabulous alternate for me. I love to photograph my children and architectural and outdoors photography. Still waiting to photograph Stars. PS. I at last photographed the Stars on 2nd November, 2013

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