Amy Nichole Davis-Davidson PhD

Cleaning, Investor, and Trustee in Georgia

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I love my family and I am a homemaker mostly, but I have many hobbies . I have a strong health science and business background . I love Jesus. I volunteered for Guideposts and for almost ten years . I was a Vice President of the Prayer Volunteer Board and I was a home based Volunteer. I was a Disaster Volunteer for the American Red Cross many years ago and became office support after 9/11 . I am a blood donor , and animal lover too . I love my cop! My husband was a Sheriff many years ago and we support the GSA . I think my husband is amazing ! He is a survivor too ! I have a couple of boys that are grown and I was a foster mother briefly too. I took in many people after the war in NYC and I have had many shelter animals . I have been busy here for sure ! I am an O Negative Blood Donor still and I love prayer over my Charity ,The American Red Cross !

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