Amy Ragsdale, dhB


We grew up like a pack of wild Indians. Seven children to Rags & Marion, he from Chicago and she from Toronto, we were finding our own wilderness down at the end of the street in Levittown Pennsylvania. We made forts, dug clay out of the banks of the creek, damned up the water with rock walls and played hide and go seek for days on end. It was barely light when we walked out the front door and only the fading sun would entice us home.

It is with that wildness that I approach metal. With an inquisitive impulse I bend, twist, hammer, polish and sculpt sterling and gold wire into pendants, earrings and bracelet. No sketches, no preconceived notion, no final destination. Sheer surrender and complete faith. It is sometimes scary, because I don’t want to add more metal to my scrap box. But it’s always an adventure and the designs that are created are infused with the heart of an adventurer… or a wild Indian.

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