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Amyrra Bakri

I'm in Neverland, until forever ends :)

I read a lot. I was born in the year where extraordinaires were born, 1994. You do the math. I have an unhealthy obsession over these gorgeous people:

Justin Drew Bieber

One Direction

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Alex Watson, Ian Somerhalder and Jamie Campbell Bower

Lily Collins, Leighton Meester, Emma Watson and Nina Dobrev

Youtubers - JacksGap, Sam Pepper, Dan, etc.

Ed Sheeran


Well, I think that's already too much information.

P/s: I write stories. A mediocre writer, while we're at that.

So that's all from me.

Oh and, call me M.

  • Work
    • I'm a full time fangirl, part time writer.