Amy Rueda

Amy Rueda

How Authentic Skin Started

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, and mother of two small children, Amy had the scare of her life when she discovered she had a rare form of ​Neuroendochrine System Cancer of the appendix at the young age of thirty-five. “It forced me to take a serious look at my lifestyle, my diet, and the products I used on my face, skin and hair.” When she learned from a friend in the beauty business that up to 70% of what goes on your skin (your largest organ) is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, she was shocked to find many high-end skin care products contained toxic chemicals . Many of these chemicals now have a proven direct link to cancers, infertility, hormone disruption, endochrine disturbers, autoimmune issues and birth defects.

With a cocktail of up to 12,000 ingredients in skincare today, determining which were safe became mind-boggling. After reading a book all about the dangerous affects that a toxic load of chemicals could do to one's health called "Not Just a Pretty Face," by Stacy Malkin , as a mother and cancer survivor she felt a desire to make a change.

In order to justify her remission , she decided to develop a plant-based, skincare line. She found a chemist (who's family had been developing botanical, chemical free products in Italy for over 100 years) and together they formulated the ASR line. She wanted the products to center around three factors: first they had to contain 100 % certified organic ingredients and be free of harmful chemicals, second the products needed to actually work BETTER than many of the anti aging and corrective skincare containing these chemicals, and the lastly, the products had to be easy for today's fast paced, savvy clients to do on a daily basis.

When starting her non-toxic skincare line, Amy worked closely with the chemists from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (founded by Stacy Malkin) to ensure low scores on their cosmetics database. ​

Recently, Authentic Skin Remedies was one of only 1,500 companies world wide to meet all requirements by The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to sign the ​Compact on Safety. Authentic Skin Remedies and was chosen as a innovator and one of only 322 Champions for the Campaign world wide.

Amy is now an educator on behalf of the Breast Cancer Fund and EWG's Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and speaks at beauty colleges, cancer symposiums and during legislative efforts in

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