Amy Ruocco

I have always been driven by work that changes the lives of others.

In 2001, I quit my job in corporate America and began my career in the wedding industry. I was a new bride who was committed to providing other brides with an easy way to communicate with their wedding guests.

In 2015, I sold my wedding website company after 14 years to work with the parents of dyslexic children and to work in the real estate industry.

As the mother of a dyslexic son, I know the struggles parents face when trying to find help for their children. My goal is to empower parents with information and awareness so they can change the future for their children and give them a fighting chance at success.

I also love real estate and am now applying my design background to staging homes for a higher return. I love helping people realize the potential they have in one of the largest investments they will ever make.