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Student in Boston, Massachusetts

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hi im perry this is my about/rbf for ig (@lovettkin)! listed a little further below are my kins, the current shift status in my ig bio shows the initials of the kintype btw!

first of all, since ppl have been missing this bc i put it at the bottom before: pls dm me to follow ! u can just say something like "is it ok for me to follow" or u could introduce yourself if u want! i love getting to know ppl so don't worry abt bothering me !!!!!

@cinderella.memehub is my girlfriend and @ratboi666 is my qpp!! i will probably post pda jsyk!

before you follow!!!

please don't follow if you're:




anti neopronouns

anti kin

anti self diagnosis

18+ (unless i tell u it's ok)

a cis male (unless i tell u it's ok)


don't follow if u are kin/id w any of my kins:

baker's wife (into the woods)

veronica sawyer (heathers)

davey jacobs (newsies)

lola perry (carmilla)

amy (company)

mrs lovett (sweeney todd)

marius pontmercy (les miserables)

dana scully (the x files)

charlotte malcolm (a little night music)

glinda upland (wicked)

audrey (little shop of horrors)

jennifer honey (matilda)

phoebe navarro (a gentleman's guide to love and murder)

jenna hunterson (waitress)


or if u are kin/id w any of my friends kins:

heather mcnamara- heathers

laura hollis- carmilla

cinderella- into the woods or rodgers and hammerstein cinderella

max caulfield- life is strange

meg giry- phantom of the opera

beca mitchell- pitch perfect

katherine plumber- newsies

jerusha abbott- daddy long legs

crona- soul eater

amethyst- steven universe

touko fukawa- dangan ronpa

rose lalonde- homestuck

kenma kozume- haikyuu!

or if you're kin/id w any of these ppl from my canons bc they remind me of bad things:

count malcolm or fredrik egerman- a little night music

anyone from sweeney todd other than toby, joanna, or anthony

jd- heathers

orin scrivello- little shop of horrors

here are my triggers,, pls tw ur posts on ig if they talk abt:

nsfw things, throwing up, pregnancy, needles/syringes, being abandoned, abuse, bad things happening to kids

my icons on here and on ig were drawn by @agenderbirds on ig