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Amy Segreti

My flow in the world:

Everything I do revolves around enhancing and beautifying communication, self-inquiry and expression.

I founded Live All of You to help people live their fullest, most passionate, gratuitous, outrageous selves. I write, edit, coach, lead workshops on manifesting... and live all of me.

I'm the former editor-in-chief of Twine Magazine, which featured longform narrative journalism on place, palate and pleasure.

I nearly died in a 90-mph car crash, then found the most beautiful place on Earth (where I currently live).

I've written/edited for the Huffington Post, Baltimore Sun, New Worker, Thought Catalog, elephant journal, The Globe, Washingtonian, InMadrid, and Fortnight Journal, among many others, on coworking, travel, food, fossil hunting, etc. My focus? Always community.

I drink wine and email my idols: master somms, entrepreneurial leaders and relationship pioneers.

I travel often, but I look for the same things—a bookstore, inspiring connections, Greek food and a hipster to make me a pourover.

I'm a firm believer in magic, nurturing all iterations of self, and that Howard Thurman quote.