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Amy Hoffman

Eagle Rock

My professional experiences have been entirely centered on "home" ... from home improvement, to home décor. My personal experiences, however, have given me the drive to win and be successful.

I grew up in Huntington Beach where my father and brother used their artistic mastery to enhance homes through metal work. In fact, they owned a company together before my father hung up his tools and headed into retirement. My brother continues to fabricate custom copper kitchen accessories, metal rails, bar surfaces and gutters. So, I have seen firsthand the hard work that goes into home details and have grown to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each individual home.

My twin sister is in the appliance industry. She has been a sales representative for high-end appliances for the better part of her career. While my expertise is in real estate, I have certainly benefitted from her knowledge. It helps having a go-to in the field when my clients are upgrading a kitchen in preparation to sell or to serve as a resource when homebuyers need advice.

Beyond what I have learned through osmosis or simply by watching my family in action, I attribute much of my skill set as a realtor to growing up as an athlete. My mom had her hands full raising two sets of twins, so I actually started organized sports relatively late. I wasn't one of those kids traveling the world with club programs and specializing in one sport at a young age. I just picked up basketball and volleyball in junior high through gym class when teachers and peers simply recruited me to their teams based on my height. I caught up quickly. Being a scholar-athlete became part of my identity.

At Marina High School in Huntington Beach we worked hard in sports. We won the CIF State Championship in volleyball. And, we went the distance in basketball as well before losing a heartbreaker. It was during these years that I learned so many lessons that I utilize today. I thrive in a team environment. I will put my clients interests before my own, like I did my teammates growing up. I will work hard until we achieve the clients' goals, like winning a championship or selling a home higher than the asking price. And, I will outwork the competition to make sure my clients will have every opportunity to find success in the real estate market, like my ultimately earning a basketball scholarship to college.

My degree is technically in the area of human services management because I enjoy the

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