Amy Shanker


As an aspiring comedy writer and standup comedian, I've been honing my writing skills over the last few years.

Classes at the famous Zanies Comedy Club in Chicago have refined my story-telling capability.

I've loved standup from the first time I did an open mic... or, if I'm being honest, 3 days after my first open mic when everything finally sank in.

Comedy writing and improv classes at the Second City in Chicago have helped me think on my feet and develop in the creative sense. Here, I'm able to explore, create, and develop in-depth characters and sketches.

The Onion writing course by it's founder, Scott Dikkers, has shown me how to think outside of the box even more and how to write satirical headlines and stories based on real and fictional news.

I've been doing standup in Chicago for about a year and have performed in a variety of venues. Comedic story-telling comes naturally to me. And my experience as an inner-city high school English teacher and with my family and dating life have afforded me with plenty of material.

I've performed at Chicago's Laugh Factory, Mikey O Productions, and Hoo-Ha Comedy and always have some fun shows lined up.

Writing for late night television, sitcoms, and performing standup comedy is the future that I'm tirelessly working towards.