Amy Daniel

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Mother, Explorer, Writer, Friend

Have you ever been riding in a car, talking and tending to the people inside, giving no thought to the direction the car was going because you trusted the driver to get you to the destination safely? Now, imagine the confusion when the car comes to a stop and the driver you trust tells everyone to get out. You have no idea where you are, the road is deserted, you are alone. You take a deep breath as the car speeds away, grab your kids by the hands, the only thing on your mind: Survival.

That was me standing there on that lonely road, not very long ago. Lost. Searching. Getting my bearings. Looking for any signs of life that might help me to navigate. That is why I'm here, writing this now. Recording the map of my journey, nailing it to trees along the way, just in case someone else may be lost and confused out there on that road, and maybe, just maybe, it will help them to find the things they need to survive out there 'til they find their 'home'.