BE YOU(tiful)<3

First thing's first, I am all women, I am not afraid to burp in public and instead of peppy little shoes I wear sneakers, Their comfy. Don't ever try to change me, 'cause I will destroy you.
I have a lot of friends, but my best best friends are Brett, Lindsay, Amanda, Lynn, and Daniel.
I am very fun to talk too, but when you act all desperate and shit, I'm going to make fun of you, desperate little hoes. I'm very sweet, at first. If I get used to you then I can be the most funniest, craziest, awesome-est, bitch EVER! (:
I love music, and BOXING<3 I enjoy it so much, it actually take's the anger out of me. (:
I LOVE the beach. (:
I do love watching ICarly and Victorious, only because I find it funny and entertaining.
I have two dogs and one cat that I love. One is named Bullet, he's my baby! He's a boxer/pitbull. Then there's Laila she is Border Collie/Pitbull. And then there's Max, that's my little boy, don't know what kind of cat he is, I just know he's a cat. xD
Fuck with me, I'll fuck you up(:
That's really all I can think of, right now
Peace everyone<3