Amy von Rummelhoff

Amy is not just a pretty face in the fitness industry... Amy has always been an athlete and entrepreneur at heart. Growing up a competitive figure skater, she learned the meaning of hard work and dedication at a young age. She competed at the national level through high school in synchronized skating and regionally in figure skating before an injury made her quit and coach through college. Because of her rigorous training schedule growing up and having to juggle coaching, training and studying psychology and studio art at University of California San Diego, she learned time management and true dedication to what is important to her. Through those experiences she developed a sense of work ethic that many others never aspire to reach.

After college Amy not only pushed herself to achieve everything possible in the fitness industry but she also took her entrepreneurial spirit to begin her own event planning and marketing company where she has successfully planned multiple charity events, red carpet events and corporate international functions working among the likes of the Grammys, Playboy Mansion, International Red Bull X Fighters, Eva Longoria's Charity Rally for Kids with Cancer and many more.

Why is Amy even more unique than most "fitness models"? She grew up with a lot of ongoing health problems including daily migraines and severe asthma from the age of five. Specialist after specialist has put her on different medications and remedies and throughout her adolescence her weight fluctuated due to steroids injected for her health, hormonal imbalance and other chronic issues. Needless to say Amy was not always the poster child of health and fitness from the outside or in. Between her headaches and figure skating she became very good at ignoring chronic pain. One day at the age of 20 what she thought was a stress related illness or 24 hour flu turned out to be a ruptured appendix that was ignored for 3 days because of work overload and by the time Amy was hospitalized the doctors said she should have been dead for two days. After multiple illnesses post surgery and a weakened immune system Amy finally decided there was only one thing to do, take control of her life and become as healthy inside and out as possible to fight back. Diving head first into fitness, Amy became very knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition and healthy habits. She started fitness modeling, personal training and competing as an NPC Bikini Competitor.