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Amy Weaver

I enjoy the ways that art can express the relationship between the organic and the ideal. My work has been in a variety of media, including acrylics, crochet sculpture, and paper collage. From an early age, I enjoyed exploring the dynamics between color and my own body: I would color an entire sheet of paper, smearing one marker color on my arm, coming home to my mother who would have to wash the ink away. Saturation to me expresses a certain power, which I find irresistible. Particularly in my sculpture, I have explored my own feelings about the body, including the inherent paradox of the mind/body dilemma – the fact that we as mental creatures are always faced with ourselves as biological organisms. During my time in London after college, my eyes were opened to art as a cultural force, capable of crossing boundaries of time and space. By utilizing a nostalgic approach to the “arts and crafts” of my youth, I would like to explore the relationship between lost innocence and modern society. Though the mind/body split is a theoretical approach that has been questioned by recent advances in our scientific understanding, this framework still holds a metaphorical power for our society; I would like to explore my own ideas about what it means to be human in a world where changing technology may ultimately redefine the human being.