Amy Wells

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Amy Wells

San Antonio, Texas, United States


As I reflect on why my clients and I, have so many successes, and have influenced so many people, I realize it’s because my heart's work is naturally focused on other people’s success, as well as what I have to offer them to walk them through the process it takes to get to their dream.


There I was, standing on stage after my keynote presentation. And there they were, up from their seats, standing in front of me, “to make that shift in their belief systems.”

“My life will never be the same,” says one lady, weeping in my arms. Another says, “I will always remember this, I am changed.” A man tells me, “My life is now different and I WILL respond instead of react.”

I believe there is no relationship that can’t be made better, and no subject that can’t be discussed.
I connect where others don’t connect.
I go where others don’t go.
I ask questions others don’t ask.
I engage with you, in your purpose, and in the steps it takes to achieve that purpose.

MY NAME IS AMY WELLS and I deliver on purpose and relationship clarity.

What have you always dreamed of, and are yet to have done? I am gifted at walking my clients through the journey to their dream: defining their dream, understanding what validates a dream, and what makes a dream real.
I ask the curious questions that won’t define you, but will bring you to your own greater truth and purpose.

About Amy, Bob Burg says,
“In my work as an author and speaker, I travel throughout the continent and meet many business owners… A number of them are exceptional examples of leadership, encouragement and providing value to everyone around them: both customers and employees. I cannot think of anyone I would rate higher in any of those categories, however, than I would Amy Wells.“

Education, Training and Certifications:

2009 Graduated from San Antonio College
Associates, in both Science and Art. My focus was on Statistics, and Industrial Organizational Psychology.

The John Maxwell Team: Certified in Coaching, Speaking and Teaching. Chosen to serve on the first Maxwell Presidents Advisory Board. (Current member.) WWW.JOHNMAXWELLGROUP/AMYWELLS

Go Givers International, and Certified Go- Giver Coach and Speaker. (Current Member)

Toast Masters International (Current Member)

Owner: The Bridal Salon of