Amy Wise

Amy Wise is a fashion forward, New York City native with a Bachelor’sdegree in Public Relations and Business Administration. As a fashion-obsessed, social media #junkie,she immerses herself in all things style-worthy from Twitter, to Instagramand all platforms in between.

Amy has had three internships at Fortune 500 companies and ata national retail fashion company, Retail Group of America. She is passionateabout empowering women to feel beautiful and confident in their unique personalstyle. She gets her fashion inspiration by observing how others expressthemselves through clothing on the busy streets of NYC.

As a recent college graduate, Amy is looking to showcase herskills with a career in social media marketing for a fashion brand in New YorkCity or Southern California.

In her free time, Amy is always game to find new andinteresting restaurants hidden in the streets of New York City. When she’s not outexploring, you can find her running or cycling to stay fit.