Amy Wielunski

Short, Sweet & Nerdy - Public Radio Junkie - Social Media Enthusiast - Mildly Nomadic

In 2000, I saw a movie called 'The Insider' that told the story of an important and compelling report that was aired in altered form due to pressure from CBS' investors and commercial sponsors. At the age of 16, that movie helped me realize the importance of a news source free from commercial influence – an outlet that would tell the story that needed to be told regardless of the consequences.

Two years later, I found a home in public radio - a place that satisfied my journalistic integrity, fed my educational hunger and inspired me to expect more from myself and my news sources.

I truly believe that our country is a better nation because of the daily contributions of public broadcasting and I fully intend to spend the rest of my life working in that spirit.

Someone once asked me how I plan to change the world: I plan to change the world through public radio.

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