Amy Miller


As a freelance journalist I obtain many skills but also some point that I am not so good at:

I would say I am a hardworking individual who works to deadlines and to a professional standard, I am very organised sometimes to over organised for some clients, Some people say I am a bit of a perfectionist. I would like to think I am well driven and have am very ambitious. I prefer working idependently but I can work effectivaly as a part of a team, as a person I am very trustworthly and honest. I hold excellent writing skills, basic photography skills and I am quite confiedent with using basic softwares such as; Microsoft word, Powerpoint, Final cut pro, Photoshop and excel.

I have many skills as a person but the skill I personally love and would like to develop it further and use in my job which is writing, I absolutly love writing it's a way in which I express myself fully but when I was growing up I always wanted to work in an office enviornment because I knew it was busy and I would get my own place to work in. I knew when becoming a journalist I could get there with just the incentive of writing because I knew I would need do somethings I am not so good at like; working outside, taking photographs to go with stories and sometimes work with others.

The skills I can bring to you are endless, everyone has things they are good and bad at but I am trying to improve on the things i'm not so good at but I can only do that by working with new clients and working in different enviorments, so if you are looking for someone as hardworking and effient as me then why not give me a go!

  • Education
    • Harlow College