Erna Calucin

Hi :) Im Erna Joy Rayzl Paulino Calucin..Every people who's reading my name always says "its too long" but yeah, read again isn't quite long :D

Well too much for that.. Let me tell you some facts about me...

I was Born on 24th day of October, year 1995, which is year of the "Pig"..

Im a Scorpio..

I live in Nueva Ecija, Philippines..

A Catholic

Im a hundred percent feminine :)

My favorite color is Pink and Blue (but not a combination of it..)

My favorite number since forever is 24 and 7..

A gadget that I can't live without is my CELLPHONE...

♥, I love everything about me and around. I appreciate it all :) The kind of girl who's not too brave to face people who hate me and talk shit in front of their face.

♥, Im shallow, yet deep :) yeah im too shallow in happiness, but Im too deep when it comes to "emotional thinking" especially to LOVE like giving advices, emoting, things like that :P

♥, Im just quiet at first. I won't talk if I don't have anything to say and if I don't know who's Im gonna talk to. The reason behind this quietness is that, Im shy. YEAH..honestly.. But if you'll know me more personally and we get along together, that quietness will change a bit :) hihi...

♥, Moody..well yeah, Im a bit moody sometimes..

♥, I love music! everyone does :) Music is with me when Im emoting. Im not EMO or something. I just love to express my emotions when Im alone and if the music is on.. I like country, pop, pop/rock music. I like several bands like: *Lifehouse *Jonas Brothers *Silent Sanctuary *Spongecola: and many more... And there's this musician who inspires me in making my own songs. Taylor Swift. =) She's a great singer/composer ever! I do like her songs!

♥, I love reading novels, especially the love stories :) I have a collection of "pocketbooks", and wait, it's awesome :) Last but not the least.. ~Im just a girl who's waiting for the guy who'll make me happy and make me feel that I'm loved by him =) I believe in destiny :) ♥