Annisa Rochma Sari

Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Salam. :)

I come from and stay (for a while) in Surabaya, Indonesia. I'm a student of English Literature Department in University of Airlangga, Surabaya.

Now and forever, I'll search and share about Islam and humanities to the world. Yes, I am Muslimah. I would like to be married at 21 to a shalih-humble-humorous-wise man. Then, we will travel for a while :'D

I love all the academic stuffs: research, paper, journal, literature. Have a plan to be a good mom and housewife plus lecturer and writer. I love to get involved in some organizations and social working too.

I am an introvert person, but I can be talkative. Want to know more about me? Please visit

May, 1995.

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • English Literature, Airlangga University