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An Pham

Software Engineer in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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I grew up in the peaceful town of Vietnam, Vung Tau. It’s a seaside city, where people can go visiting and enjoying a no-pressure weekend with their friends and family. In 2013, I've got my first achievement at University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City - Bachelor Degree.

People call me an IT girl. Honestly, this career pick me when I was in the middle of the whole life journey. And later on, I started learning to accept, to live with and also to love it. My subject field at college is Information System, which gives me chance to study deeply about Database Management System, Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing (this is the topic I picked to work on for my graduation thesis). I was so happy when the first time in my life, I finished something that I feel really proud about. From a know-nothing-about-IT girl, I became one of the best students to graduate as an Information Technology Bachelor. Also, feel strong enough to get out and pick up a job to get into real life.

My first job is an associate engineer at ELCA Vietnam, a part of ELCA Switzerland. During a year working here, I learned many new things: technical skills, testing skills and also management skills. After a year of working as a software engineer, I joined Enliven to become a full stack web developer. Here, I developed my professional as an independent developer, working remotely from the headquarter. By an unexpected chance, I changed to a commercial start-up company and started working at Hipvan until now.

A little self-compliment. I can speak Chinese, English and, of course, Vietnamese (my mother tongue). Always passionate to learn new things, meet new friends and try new food.

Besides work, I love traveling, taking pictures and making things with paper. I believe little simple things around us can bring happiness everyday, as long as we have trust and hope. And I absolutely believe in love, I believe there's always someone in the world that completes me, and we make each other better, so still on my way finding that special someone.

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  • Education
    • Faculty of Information Technology, University of Science, HCMC.