Ana Afonso

Communication, Marketing, and Events in Lisboa, Portugal

April 1980 - the month I was born. The wonderful 80's! Sailed through school and college quite quickly and confidently. No major bumps to highlight there.

Started to work part-time for some pocket money at 16... and never stopped working since then!

Early starting made me grow up to be passionate about work and about flying the flags of the organizations I work with and for. (It wouldn't make sense otherwise!)
Team player - have worked together with great teams (both in size and quality!)
Love to see things get done and checking tasks... [Check!] That's why solving 'puzzles' and 'day to day riddles' is usually a pleasure to me. I also see myself as easy learner, quick witted, organized, someone who loves to help others and a lover of multi-cultural environments.

Presently I'm helping the research and education communities by developing communication work within the Portuguese National Research and Education Network (NREN) and I'm also working to help Science at the FCT Communications Office.


Before, I was lucky enough to work 8 years & 1/2 at a great company - Oracle - and there I became acquainted with one of my unexpected passions: Marketing. At Oracle I worked as Marketing & Events Coordinator and before that I was eMarketing Specialist and Marketing Assistant.

My other experiences were also at a marketing department at a textile company and TV production assistance at a TV station.

I do love to work, but… I wouldn’t live without my family and the balance between my work, what I do, and them.

Interested in a wide range of things: technology and gadgets, travelling, music (also here a wide range of styles, from indie to fado...), going to the theatre and movies, manual arts, outdoor activities, walking and playing with my pets, photography, blogging and being among my friends and fellow Scouts. Yeap, "Be Prepared!". During 2012 I discovered a new hobby that is making my creativity and DIY skills grow heaps: I bought a sewing machine!

Professionally I still want to learn a lot more and I know I've much to grow and space as much as will to do so, as a professional and as a person. However that doesn't seem to be an issue to me since I deeply believe I've the potential in me to allow it all in.

Learning is a lifelong working process...

Who knows if I can help and continue to learn&grow right beside you.