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After enjoying being a stay at home mom for about 13 years, I decided to go back to work, only to find that my education and training in bookkeeping was now considered archaic, prehistoric, no longer the system being used. Bookkeeping had evolved to something I no longer recognized.
I settled for a job in the food industry... let me tell you, "not easy"

When my husband was told he had a nodule on his lung, it was the worst news that we could get. Eventually this led to finding out about the perfect opportunity.

That's when we discovered a product that actually stopped the growth of this invader.

Immunocal Platinum: Preventative Anti-Aging Benefits for Baby Boomers Immunocal Platinum
looking to slow the effects of aging
Immunocal is the only nutritional supplement (non-drug product) listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR) and Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS),
It took almost two decades of medical research, led by Dr. Gustavo Bounous to develop Immunocal

Immunocal, a whey protein isolate. So different is this protein that it has been awarded numerous medical and method of use patents.
Whether it is to improve your health in general, lose weight or deal with a particular health problem, Immunotec has products for you. Visit my web site for additional info.

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