Ana Luísa Henriques

Campaign Manager in Lisboa, Portugal

I have a BA degree in Communication and Media Studies and my curiosity and interest about TV was always huge and it spread around and resulted on an interest in media in general and online in particular. The world of TV and online media has clashed. Nowadays, we don't know exactly where one starts and the other ends. We've started to talk about "screens" instead of each medium.

Then life happened. I went to work on a Marketing Communication role as a Content Manager for the internal network of ZON. I really liked to learn so much about its products (which included TV and Cinema) and I loved to work with/ for our colleagues. After that, I worked as a Publicity Manager - Cinema Marketing Contents and I learnt how to work with the press, to manage special events, to coordinate along with our producer's offices in London, Burbank and around the world, to make stretegic partnerships and also to transform the information I received in great content to spread the word in Portugal about our movies. This position and market were a great school for me.

I've also done an Executive Master in Relationship Marketing and Communication as I believe the relationship with the consumer is very important and should be accurately managed.

I went to a Digital Marketing Academy so that I could have more tools to do a better job in Communication. The best in the digital world is that we work really close to the consumer and we can manage, almost in real time, our relationship with him and also to learn a lot from his insights to have a better offer. I've worked as a Digital Strategist and Executive, as a Marketing and Communication Consultant freelancer and now I'm working as a Campaign Manager.

I love to create Communication plans, I love to produce content marketing, I love to be the voice of a brand and I'm always open to new challenges. I'm passionate about Communication and my main goal was always to make the best work wherever I was. And it still is.

Last but not least, I love TV series and I watch a lot of them. I also love books. I've read 42 in 2013 (which is not a great deal), 47 in 2014, 50 in 2015 and I challenged myself to read the same 50 this year. We'll see if that happens.

"The one who writes, builds a castle, the one who reads, comes to live in it" - Milan Kundera

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    • ISCTE - IUL (Indeg Business School)
    • Escola Superior de Comunicação Social - IPL
    • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
    • Universidade Nova De Lisboa