Ana Mira

Alicante Spain

I was born in Alicante (Spain) in 1980 and, since I can remember, my life turns around two big passions: photography and travel. Since I was 12, my family and I used to travel around Europe during the summer holidays, visiting amazing countries as Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Czech Republic or Hungary (among others). When I was 21, I got an Interrail pass with other three school-friends and we spent a month from train to train discovering other great places as France, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland. It was an important experience in my life. For some years, I worked as a second assistant director in a local TV show, and doing some photography jobs as a camera assistant. And after that, and trying to take some adavantage at the beginning of the crisis I decided to give a turn to my life, returning to college in order to get a Tourism degree. It is known that my country is in the top three destinations in the word, reciving nearly 65 million visitors in 2014. Nowadays, I have finished aTourism Degree at the University of Alicante - the first class in UA (2010-2014) after Bologna Process - with Honours.

  • Education
    • University of Alicante