Ana Fernandes-Iria

Teacher in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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I am a Scorpio… I guess that should say it all.

I was born in Toronto, but raised in Portugal, in a small, backward town that became my refuge from a very young age. There, during the 80s, I’ve learned to appreciate the small things life has to offer. I returned to Toronto in 1988, where I still reside with my family.

I love my family! Together with my husband and my children, I find life to be the most precious gift God has given us - along with health. We laugh at the simplest things and, often times, we just embark in many crazy adventures.

I love to travel. I have a mission in life: besides going to the “over-publicized” tourist sites, I want to discover the breathtaking corners of the world still untouched by human greed. I guess that makes me a citizen of the world.

I love to read! Remove the life supporting tube from a human being… the end result is the abyss. I would be that human being if books were taken away from me. I have a library at home and have converted myself to the digital era: my ipad is my second private library. This allows me to maintain my other passion: writing.

I love music. My taste for music is very eclectic. Depending on the activity I am doing, I can go from Jazz to classical, pop to rock - although I am a rocker at heart. I have always been a huge fan of U2. Through their songs I have found my spiritual path, the essence of who I am.

I love teaching. Ever since my childhood years, I knew I was meant to be a teacher. I found in teaching the way to share with younger minds what I most love to read and study about: literature and history. With my students, I am one of them: I am able to teach the things I know and learn from them so much I do not know.

I love conferences. Stemming from my early years as a radio host, public speaking has become my second profession. Ranging from literature to history and education, I greatly enjoy to share my research and points of view with others. After all, as the African proverb goes, “It takes a village to educate a child”.

I am captivated by social media. I accepted the challenge to be a social media writer for my husband’s company - Creative 7 inc - and am loving it.

I have a new passion: to study and understand wines. I would love to be a wine connoisseur one day. Part of this blog is about that: to promote wine and books.

Last, but DEFINITELY not least, I am a COFFEE lover! (medium, black, 2 sugars, please!)