Ana Chamorro

I'm from Venezuela and I have been traveling all over the American continent as Venezuelan Wakeboarder since 2012 .

I graduated in Architecture at the " Universidad Simón Bolívar" in Caracas, Venezuela . I graduated in 2013 after doing an international internship at the Faculty of Architecture of the "Universidad de Buenos Aires " and finish my thesis in Venezuela .

While studying in college Two of my projects won "best design project in the year." At the same time I used to work as a tutor and Assistant Professor of Theory of Architecture and Fine Arts .

At the end of my career in Architecture I started competing internationally as a national team representing my country in the world winning various titles such as Sub-Champion South American Games - 2014, Sub-Champion Bolivarian Games Runner - 2013 and 2012, Champion Argentina 2012, a 5th place in the Pan American Olympic Festival 2014 and other smaller events.

I am also a music lover , did several studies in music, I play guitar as the main instrument , drums , mandolin , bass and basic knowledge in Piano. I study Music Theory , History , Harmony Contemporary, Blues , Jazz Guitar and Improvisation in different schools as " Conservatorio Juan José Landaeta " 2001-2003, "Instituto Superior de Estudios Musicales" 2009 , "Escuela Itinerante de Musica" 2014 and others.

  • Education
    • Universidad Simon Bolivar