Ana Emperatriz Font

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi there! My name is Ana. I’m originally from Venezuela but lived in Guatemala for almost six years before moving to Canada, so I consider myself a little bit of a citizen of the world. I love to travel, and I go to various extremes to make this happen, that includes taking a bus from Guatemala to Costa Rica, which can only be described as four countries in 2 days in a bus without A/C, that's how committed I am!

I have a degree in Communications, and my background is in advertising. I also studied photography for six years. I’m a very creative, outgoing, fun and driven individual that loves working in marketing and social media industry. I live and breathe content and truly believe that the future for communications is online.

I see myself as a very passionate, plugged in, marketing professional who obsesses over the connective world of social media, and I see the potential for creating and curating branded engaging online content.

  • Education
    • Social Media Postgrad Certificate at Seneca College
    • Marketing Management Postgrad Certificate at Seneca College
    • Bachelor in Communications at Rafael Landivar University