Ana Muñoz

A biography, right? Sincerly, I never had any idea about what writte here. A mean, I just a young girl with all her life to live. It's complicated remember the past and look the future. I just say.

So, here we go.

Like my friends use to say, I can be descripted with one word: unusual. Yes, I'm an unsual person, with a lot activities and hobbies. Like everyone in the world. Love paint, writte, drawn, take photos and travel. I think I can life with a pencil, a bloc and a camera only. I'm studying to be a journalist. And I work, more or less, in the college newspaper. However, I'm interested in sociology, too.

One day (I'll fly away) I would like life in Paris, in a little attic at Le Quartier Latin. But for the moment I'm content with all I have.