Ana Wolf-Carrizo

Nutrition has been a passion of mine since I was young. As a child I enjoyed picking the vegetables from our backyard in Panama and learning to cook with them. With my parents I learned a love of food.

I have a huge spark of passion for helping others to be more healthy. I love having the opportunity to personalize my recommendations for each person. It is like a work in progress that continously kept getting better. If someone has a bad week I work on how to encourage to pick up the pieces and do better. Each one of us has a goal in life and I feel as a Registered Dietitian that it all starts on how we eat as a person. Our health is first and we should do our best to improve in our daily lives by eating better. There are many problems in our health that arise as we progress in age, and I, as a Registered Dietitian am here to help prevent or manage these problems. I enjoy cooking and eating healthy and I feel that there are many ways we can flavor food without having to add the excess fat and salt. It's really all about portions too and how we approach eating.