Ana Agregado

I am Ana Agregado - a public relations, advertising, and events specialist with experience in human resources. I have a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from the Ateneo de Manila University in Manila, Philippines.

I worked for Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation and Lexus Manila Incorporated as the Public Relations officer with event organizing and advertising tasks. During my tenure with the company, I was able to make valuable contributions. I conducted the expansion of media database and reached out to untapped press companies from various regions of the Philippines.

I spearheaded an award winning event, the Toyota Media Roadtrek, managed significant media launches, developed marketing efforts, and designed Toyota's first Photojournalism competition in the Philippines.

I am very organized, pay close attention to detail, and manage my time well.

I am proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I can also use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

I grew up living in various cities such as Manila and Kuala Lumpur. I went to an International School which gave me the opportunity to develop accademically and at the same time, be exposed to different cultures. I gained a deeper appreciation for the diversity of others, learned to communicate and empathize with people from around the globe. I speak both English and Tagalog (Filipino) fluently.

I fulfill my insatiable curiosity about diverse cultures and places by learning other languages (i.e., Spanish, French, Bahasa Malay) and traveling. I am interested in psychology, graphic design, photography, Filipino cooking – all of which I read about and experiment on during my spare time. My favorite sports are swimming, surfing, and boxing.

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Have a great day!