Hii, my name is Ana Isabel Santos Silva. Close friends call me Anokas or Ana, when they want to piss me off they call me Isabel. Anyway, , im fourteen years and im from Lisbon, Portugal. My dad is portuguese and my mom has spanish origins, but with the time, she forgot, so she only talks the basic. What else... ah! I have a beautiful bestfriend, her name is Diana (lucky girl) and I have 2 vbf - virtual best friends. One of them is Inês, she's fourteen too, she is from Portugal, but she's not so close from Lisbon but I still love her <3. The other is Angie, i mean, we are not really best friends it's like for fun... she is so cute and funny and i love her already :3

  • Education
    • EB 2,3 Manuel da Maia