anabella jessie

hello!! i'm anabella, but i prefer to go by belle or ana!! i'm a 14 year old girl living in the bay area. my pronouns are she/they, and i dont know my sexuality yet, but i have a preference for girls. i have anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and ocd. all are diagnosed by a medical professional, these arent self diagnosed.

ok!! please dont follow if you believe in reverse racism, are anti-feminist, invalidate mental illnesses, dont believe in otherkin/fictionkin or you are generally an ass

um,,, my only fictionkin is pearl from SU, and thats it?? this could change, but who knows lol. my otherkin species are deer and cows, a bit weird but lol.

i cant think of anything else right now!! please feel free to dm me about anything!! i'm pretty much always avaliable. thank you for getting this far!! have a great day pal!!