Anabel Mota

California USA

Like many children of immigrants, I grew up translating between words, ideas, and cultures. Books were my way into worlds larger than mine.

I'm most happy - which is not always the same as comfortable - in the interstices, taking note of what arises from the gaps between the wholes.

From travel, I seek adventure and uncertainty. Travel reminds me to see the beauty of the ordinary, to appreciate the power of connections, and to revel in the extra-ordinary.

Parts of my heart I've left in the cafés and bookstores of Buenos Aires, amidst the Inca ruins of Cusco, on the sweltering streets of Cartagena, the phở shops of Hanoi, and the steep lanes of Lisbon.

Currently wandering Europe; plotting the next destination.

  • Work
    • Writer at Latin America For Less