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Ana Bonilla

Los Angeles, California, United States

I was born in East Los Angeles and grew up in Long Beach, CA. I am the daughter of undocumented immigrants and grew up in public housing, both experiences that significantly shaped my world view and passions today.

My background is in Community Organizing for social justice, specifically for affordable housing. I also am very interested in the cross-over of public health and urban planning and how we plan for healthy communities. A particular focus of mine is how this is exacerbated by issues of income inequality and race. Much of my work experience is around these issues and how policy and the urban environment play a significant role on our physical health.

I am currently in my first-year of a joint Masters of Urban and Regional Planning Program and Masters of Public Health program at UCLA with a concentration on design and development. I hope to contribute to the rapidly growing field and broaden the critical thinking around planning and health and it's implications in our communities.

  • Education
    • Occidental College
    • UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs