Ana Carolina da Rosa


Amateur photographer and movie critic! Love books, parks, hiking and biking! Love music, hanging out and movies!! Food addict ... Nuella lover!!! I am a brazilian who doesn't considere herself a brazilian! I do love classic stuff like the old genre of brazilian samba and pagode! Raised listening to music from 60's 70's 80's and 90's !!! A great lover of traveling, getting to know different culture and people!!! Naturally terrified of taking the first step out and an inborn corageous as soon as I'm out there!! I trust everyone untill proven wrong!! I simply adore learning and taking courses and I am always looking for something new to learn, specially regarding languages. Sarcastic. Middle child. Series addict. Laguage teacher. Internationalist. Future ADR worker. Currently looking for a job!!!

  • Work
    • Recruiter for International Exchange
  • Education
    • Bachelor in International Relations and Affairs
    • Advanced ESL - Effective Presentations and Business English
    • Curso de Conversación en Español
    • Sprachkurs in Bereich Deutsch
    • Advanced Proficiency Course in English