els/ tz

Student in England, United Kingdom

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ellie ☔️ 14 ☔️ she/her

hey i'm ellie/tz/red & im a cis lesbian from england!!!

honestly talk to me abt books or mystic messenger or holby city because they're my FAVE FAVE FAVE interests ever!!!

ive got a gf she's called megan i talk abt her a lot >;P

i ID with terezi pyrope, and im kin with leo valdez, ezra mason and some other people

☔️before you follow☔️

don't follow if...

*youre homo/transphobic

*youre antikin

*uoure kin with anyone that i mentioned above

*youre hamiltonkin/ believe it ISNT factkin

*for insta users: dm me an emoji before u req